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All-STAR DADS 2023


He’s the best daddy I could ever ask for , he’s always there for me and my family and he’s taught me many things in life . He’s caring and loving and would do anything for us or anyone else ,I don’t know what I would do without him in life , I love him very much.

Chris Perkins

My dad is different than most dads, he chooses us, his family over almost every other opportunity he has with his little free time he gets. Hes given us anything we’ve ever wanted or needed within his reach, even if we may not deserve it. He’s worked his whole life just to provide for us and gets little to no things he’s always wanted because he’s always so worried about making everyone else happy. He has gone without sleep more times than I can count to be there for us and do things with us.My dad has taught us to love the Lord and have a relationship with him, he has taught us right from wrong and gave us the most valuable life values and has taught us morals. I could live a million life times over and still not deserve my dad.

Chris alverson

Hi! When I met my husband, in 2008, I was a single mom. He quickly became dad to my daughter. We married in 2010, and in 2014 he adopted her. He is the only dad she’s ever known. We now have 3 daughters together. He stays and works out of town during the week, and is only home on the weekends. He is always doing something for them, or me. Whether it’s putting together a swing set, cleaning or taking care of the pool, he’s doing it.


He is the best dad in the world and he works every day for us so we can have good stuff and good food to eat and a good home to sleep in and I’m so thankful for him, and I love him so much.
He is always there when I need him and he always has my back that’s why he is the best father ever.

Danny Creager

This is about my husband, dad, granddaddy who still makes time to go and see his family and attend grandkids events at school while battling prostate cancer.

Darrin Hambrick

My dad, Darrin Hambrick is a star because he goes above and beyond to make sure my brother and I have everything we need or want. He would work extra hours, or side jobs so that we never had to go without. He doesn’t miss a a soccer game, or any cheer competition or games I cheer at he is always in the stands cheering us on and guiding us to be the best that we can be. He always able to bring a smile to our face, he loves joking around and making memories with us that we will cherish for a lifetime.

Doug Miller

Where do I begin? My dad was promoted to Papaw 18 years ago and I think that is when I truly begin to appreciate who he was. Before I was born (over 40 years ago) he started his own welding business, and he’s been rocking it ever since. He is very talented in his job skill but he doesn’t use his skill set just to provide for his family, he has used it to teach and build our family. He has taken the time to teach my daughters to weld. He has made them “yard art”, he has made them their own version of a merry-go-round (we call it the miller-go-round). He takes them fishing, is the first one in the 4 wheeler when it snows, he rushes to the emergency room when needed, he has absolutely been our rock. He is a great example of resilience in the face of trouble. He always has a joke, so keep your boots near by! He has such a kind heart, gentle soul but his hands show years of work for his family and we are forever grateful ❤️


My Father has always been a hard working man
My parents had me at a young age, and with everything stacked against him, it would’ve been very easy to do the easy thing and not provide or not be around
But he did the right thing
Like he always does he work multiple jobs he worked long hours he didn’t get to be home much but he gave mom and I a home
By the sweat of his brow he took care of us, at 19
Flash forward to today, he’s still a hard worker, he’s still a good man, he’s still a good father
And now he gets the opportunity to be a good grandfather to my son
And get to do the things he never got to do with me
He goes to his school awards, he goes to his soccer games, he teaches him to work on lawnmowers
He is a superstar dad and papaw
And I’m so grateful to be his son and I love him so much

Jared Baker

What makes my dad a star is he’s always taking care of us and looking out for my family. No matter what we Need he always makes sure I have what I need . He goes the extra mile for our church family to make sure if anyone’s in the hospital he’s there or if someone has a emergency he’s always up and ready to go on call with the fire department. He’s always up to talk about anything if anyone needs to and you can always count on him to have the best outfits on at VBS. Overall I think I have a star dad

Jeff Taylor

He is the hardest working man I know and always puts his family first and never expects anything in return.

Jessy Bratcher

Jessy is my fiancée, he does everything in his power to provide for us. We recently had our rainbow baby after a full term loss and he deserves the world. ❤️

Jonathan Carter

He went through a long road of addiction, on February 7, 2022 he went to rehab & straightened his life up. He’s in church every Sunday & Wednesday as a youth group leader. Hes in a meeting called Breaking Chains helping others change their lives for the better!! He works so hard all day everyday to provide for us

Keith Shemwell

He is the hardest working man I've ever seen. He's a Godly Christian man that's been married to my mother for 47 years. Raised 6 children and what he couldn't give us In material things, he taught us in love and to have a strong work ethic. Dad is now, not just a father to those 6 children but continues to teach those values to 24 grandchildren & 5 great grandchildren. I'm Thankful to have the BEST dad of them ALL!!!!


I’m 40 years old, and I’m the APPLE of his eye, and he’s the brightest STAR in mine. He’s my fixer of all things. My first call no matter the situation. I know without a doubt, he has the answer. Every crazy idea I can dream up is fulfilled with the help of my dad. No questions asked, he’ll load up a piece of equipment and head my way. One time, I had the crazy idea of wanting a beach, and sure enough he brought the beach to Muhlenberg for me. Literally, one phone call, and he shows up with a dozer and sand, and by the end of the day, we were waterside on the beach in Graham.
When all goes right….he’s my first call. When my world is crumbling…he’s my silent supporter and number one fan. My world is perfection, with my dad being the major contributor to that! I would not be “who” or “where” I am today without this man. I’m so thankful he’s mine. (And…as you can tell from the pic…he loves to have fun and has always been a big kid at heart!)


He’s loves life, extremely hard worker and loves camping


Luke is a very selfless human! He is always going without to make sure we have everything and more. Always the first to lend a hand or offer up his own even if that means he goes without! I couldn’t think of a more deserving selfless Dad!

Michael Mayes

My dad is the greatest dad, he has always been there for my brothers and I. As the only girl I grew up knowing he's the only man I can depend on. Whether it's teaching me how to ride a bike or changing my tire I knew he would be there. Even though we are all grown adults now he is still the a person we can depend on. He is loving, caring and always there for a laugh. I love you dad. Love Your Grown Baby Girl.


He's a hard working family man who has been underground for 9 years and now helps people get vehicles with Pogue Chrysler. He is always honest and has even happily given up his commission to get people into a vehicle that really needed it. He has sacrificed a lot underground to take care of his family and we couldnt ask for a better man and father for our kids to look up to. For fathers day he thinks only of his kids saying he wouldn't be a father without them. I would love to see him win something fun a be recognized for the amazing man he is. We are lucky to have him!!

Robert Kukula

we just lost my mom a week ago & it’s been so hard for my dad but he still shows us & his grandkids his love & compassion. he is literally the best!

Scott Newman

Sean Sellers

The all star dad in our family is my husband Sean, together we share 6 amazing children, 2 girls and 4 boys. Sean enjoys, fishing, hunting, nature walks/hiking and camping with our family. Sean is a dedicated family man, we lost my father 2 years ago and he stepped in for my younger siblings ages 17,16, and 15. He is an absolute All Star Dad in our eyes!

Tommy Beasley

My dad always went all his way make sure my mom had what she needed and when use 3 kids came alone he such a hard worker he never gave up on none of use I know when I was teenager he always made sure we had everything he could do for use a couple years ago when he got really sick I thought I was going to lose him but he kept fighting for use all my dad is my hero I love him so much any time I needed him he there for me and my family he also the best papa to his grandchildren they all love him so much he always makes everyone laugh and have a great time

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